Monday, March 30, 2009

Seinfeld Part 2

After watching dozens of episodes, I finally saw Jerry's car license plate. (With Jerry being dragged behind) No surprise that it has a 72 in it. I reported previously that the car Jerry gave his parents also had a 72. Nice that the titular character's own car has one too.


  1. Since I have the flu (I hope its not avian in nature) I have pondered your "72" quandary a bit. (Okay..I'm with me here.) LOL
    Did you realize that you in fact, are connected with 72? (This is taking into account that profiles online are accurate of course..i.e. correct birthdate, name..etc.)
    Year of birth "72".
    Birthdate 12th of Sept. being divisors of 72, (12 & 9).
    *cali voice: "So like dude, yer totally connected!" base 10, 72 is a Harshad number. In Sanskrit it means "great joy". Although I never thought math was great joy..more like an Excedrin moment.

    In astronomy the moon is 1/72nd the size of the earth, and Saturn 72 times the volume of terra firma. Quirky..

    According to the Kabbalah, God has 72 names.
    Pretty much everyone knows that Jesus was in his tomb for 72 hours before rising from the dead.

    And if you love code breaking, which I'm still working on that Zodiac thing.. your name if put into English alphabetical number (A=1,B=2, Z=26 etc etc..), your name "Gideon Emery" is 73. LOL...and THAT could mean anything. Perhaps it means you have something "extra" that most people don't have, like charisma. *wink

    The Magicians Owl